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Berkeley, CA 94708-2202
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Licensing Executive
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Tech Transfer
Berkeley, CA 94708-2202
tel: 510-548-7239
fax: 510-845-0322


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Spouse: Arthur Luehrmann
web: Computer Literacy


Mia Luehrmann Cowen
Ben Cowen Luehrmann
Nils Luehrmann


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Alexis Falicov
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Randy Vedis
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Dave Widawski
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Aron Herschel Cowen
Natan Arthur Luehrmann


Kyle Falicov
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Matan Widawski

We are GRANDPARENTS several times over! It's absolutely great (grand??). I've been told that it's because you can just hand the grandkids back to their parents when there are problems, but that's not the case. We were priviledged and honored to have Mia and Ben and their older boy, Aron, live with us in Berkeley for a year. It was FABULOUS! I think that being a grandparent is lots more fun because you don't have to be continuously on the watch that the twig is bent properly so it grows properly. You can just enjoy the children without worrying so much whether or not they are growing up right. Anyway, it's great. Wait 'til you try it.

Arthur and Herb Peckham, his partner, just sold Computer Literacy Press this January. They are continuing to work for the company, though, and are continuing to produce texts through Computer Litaracy. No kicking back yet, but I think Arthur's looking forward to it a bit. I KNOW he's looking forward to devoting time to writing instead of marketing and finance.

Mia and Ben and their boys have moved just north of Philadelphia. Ben just got his MBA this summer from Wharton and is working at Merck Pharmaceuticals. Mia is teaching physics at Temple College. Aron and Natan are (says the doting gramma) brilliant and wonderful.

Nils is living in Austin, Texas, and is going to a community college in Austin. He and his menagerie (one Rottweiler, one parrot, one cockatiel, several visiting dogs) are happily digging into home and garden .

I love my job at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Along with one other person, I license out inventions developed by the ~3,000 researchers at the lab. It's fabulous. Visit our main web page (above) and/or take a look at the Tech Transfer pages. I get to play with all the toys first! --AND, the lab is a 20 minute walk from my house. What I DON'T love is that I've gained 35 pounds (arghh) and have quite a few white hairs. Ah well. Getting old is the pits, but consider the alternative.

The hot tub (a new improved version from the one in the picture below) still awaits anyone who wants to visit. Please come.

Then (1975)

Since and Now

Martha, 1975

Arthur, 1976

Honors, 1977. Mia is taking Martha's place while she's in the hospital

Arthur & Nils
Graduation, 1977.

Graduation, 1977. Nils (age 12) is taking Martha's place while Martha is in the hospital

Trichinosis, '77

Roger, Obs, Tree, & Martha in a Berkeley hot tub, 1979?

Sandy & Martha at reunion, 1992

John Hennessey & Martha at reunion, 1992

Rick Daniels, George Jones, Carl Treleaven, Dan Goessling, Lisa Roberts, Michael O'Brien, Sandy Helve, ???

???, Martha Luehrmann, Judy Walke, reunion 1992

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